Product warranty

Internet store SE-PRO.lV ensures manufacturer's warranty for all sold products. When buying any product you will get a warranty card (if the manufacturer has intended one), which will specify the relevant product service address. In the case of a product defect, you must turn in the warranty specified authorized service center, which will decide on the products service or exchange. If a product warranty card is not intended by the manufacturer as the guarantee document serves your order- receipt and invoice.

Warranty does not apply if:

Any damage to the product is made with cleaning supplies that have led to an inappropriate care of the specific product;

Any damage to the product is made by foreign objects or inappropriate liquids insertion in the product;

Any damage to the product that has been made with improperly used equipment, spare parts, etc., which the manufacturer is not certified for use with the specific product;

Any damage to the product in the result of voltage non-compliance with the manufacturer's set standards, rapid fluctuations in increases in temperature, as well as other domestic and external factors;

Any product damage is made with failure to take regular maintenance service (changing the water filter, etc.)

The product is used for purposes for which it is not intended;

The client can not show a properly completed guarantee document;

There has been a failure to comply with the instructions for use of a product;

The product is tried to fix by unqualified or authorized repair.

If you have any questions, please call +371 29267944 or info@se-pro.eu