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  • FOXESS T8.0 G3 8KW 2MPPT + WIFI Inverter

FOXESS T8.0 G3 8KW 2MPPT + WIFI Inverter

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    FOXESS T8.0 G3 8KW :
Fox inverters are precision engineered to provide maximum performance, efficiency, reliability and longevity. The quality of components used will directly impact on the lifespan of an inverter, and we only use the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers. Fox inverters incorporate a unique heat-sink and cooling fin design. It is integrated into the inverter casing to ensure optimal direct contact with heat generating components. We use a star design on the cooling fin, creating a larger surface area and this larger contact surface greatly increases the cooling effect.
Euro Efficiency 97,8
Max. Efficiency 98,6
MPPT Efficiency 99,8
Communication Meter, DRM, USB update, E-stop
Cooling Method Natural FAN
Demensions (WxHxD) 370*480*183.5
Display LCD screen, Touch Key , App, Website
Humidity 0-100% (no condensation)
Internal Consumption at Night <3
Max. Operating Altitude 3000
Monitoring Module RS485, WIFI (optional) / GPRS (optional) / 4G(optional)
Noise Emission (typical) <30 <55
Operating Temperature Range -40 ~ +70
Protection Degree IP65
Topology Transformerless
Weight (kg) 17
Max. Input Current (A) 14/14
Max. Short-circuit Current (A) 18,2/18,2
MPPT Operating Voltage Range (V) 140-1000
No. of Independent MPP Trackers 2
No. of Strings per MPP Tracker 1+1
Rated Input Voltage (V) 600
Start-up Input Voltage (V) 140
MAx. Input Voltage (V) 1100
Max. Output Apparent Power (VA) 8000
Max. Output Current (A) 12.8
Power Factor 11 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
Rated Grid Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Grid Voltage (V) 3/NPE, 220V/380V, 230V/400V 240V412V
Rated Output Current (A) 11.6
Rated Output Power (W) 8000
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) <3%
AC Overcurrent Protection YES
AC Overvoltage Protection YES
AC Short-circuit Protection YES
AFCI Optional
Anti-islanding Protection YES
DC Reverse Polarity Protection YES
DC Switch Optional
Insulation Monitoring YES
PV String Current Monitoring Type II (DC) / Type II(AC)
Residual Current Monitoring YES
Surge Protection YES
EMC IEC 61000-6-1/IEC 61000-6-2/IEC 61000-6-3
Grid Regulation AS4777.2-2015/G98-1/G99-1EN50549-1/CEI 0-21
Safety IEC 62109-1/2
Technical parameters
Max. Input Power (W) 12000

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